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Contact your Michigan State House Member and Urge them to Pass House Bill No. 4245 
(RENEWABLE ENERGY PROPERTY TAX CREDIT) Full Text of House Bill No. 4245 (2013)

Energy 20/20 - A Vision For America's Energy Future by U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski. Energy 20/20 is meant to spur discussion of our nations energy future as we approach the year 2020 and the policies to shape it. A discussion of how to improve energy technology to make it more affordable, clean, diverse, and secure. Energy Independence must be also part of a plan for National Security.

Update regarding CO2 Levels, CO2 Now Exceeds 400 PPM

I have a comment---We have posted this Climate Collision Course Chart for all of our followers that believe that Climate Change is real!! Unlike those that think climate change is a HOAX. We have been in uncharted waters for almost a year but we are now approaching the 400 PPM threshold for the first time in human history.

Do something! Buy a Solar or Wind System, install LED Lighting, plant a tree or many trees. Do something! 

Allan O'Shea

Utility co-op offers community-based approach to access solar energy

The 2013 Michigan Energy Fair will be June 7th & 8th. Learn More on the Great Lakes Renewal Energy Association Website

March 2013 - CBS awarded the First Community Solar Project in Michigan by Cherryland 

Electric" We are very pleased" said Devon O'Shea, solar engineer for Contractors 

Building Supply. Cherryland Electric notified us a week ago that we were awarded the

 84.6 KW project.

The program is designed for all the Cherryland Electric members to participate in the 

program. If you own a home or business in the Cherryland Electric 6 County operating 

territory you can purchase a solar panel or panels for Cherryland’s Solar Garden

 Project in Grawn. 

 "This is a first in Michigan" said Allan O'Shea, President of Contractors Building Supply, 

Inc. "It has been a long time coming for Michigan and we commend the Cherryland 

Board and Management for their foresight and innovation. We hope to see 

many more community applications like this in the future".

For further information visit the Cherryland Electric web site 

or contact our offices in Copemish at 231-378-2936 or our website

March 14, 2013 - Another Banner Year for Solar Power: Industry Breaks Records in 2012 

March 2011 - Contractors Building Supply has recently joined the newly form trade association, Distributed Wind Energy Association (DWEA). Formed in 2010 by industry leaders who felt that better representation for both small and medium community wind was needed. To learn more about DWEA check out their website at

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